I have always fond of thriller movies, the monster, the killer, the mystery, the chase and all those supernatural stuff.

Since I dated with my ex and he love watch the horror/thriller movies so that I will scared and asked him for a hug.

At first I was just stunned. After the movies, I feel light on my head. The monster still in my mind but I manage to fall asleep.

Then comes for 2nd, 3rd and all the movies date which he failed to make me feel scared and meek. He continued to invite me with romantic movies and I fall asleep half way. I don’t know what is the movies all about because I like the kind of 365 days novel than movie.

I do read romantic novel more than horror but when it comes to watching movie. I just like how these movie producers create the visual graphic and it is fascinating.

Imagine ALIEN THE COVENANT. I had watched all of the gameplay and movies. This is the only horror movies that makes me feel cringe and scared till I cannot fall asleep.

Everything about it. Then I try to just uncover all the different kinds of aliens even join the community for this character.

After sometimes, I realized that I often watch all of the horror movies almost every day and when I have heartbroken or having issues/problem that takes my heart out.

I feel refresh after watching those horror movies. I guess the feeling is like after someone doing their gym activity or more to when we take roller coaster. The adrenaline that makes us forget all the weight but because I don’t own the roller coaster not that I have private gym so the replacement is the horror movies.

I perform better in my work and feel refresh the next morning. Makes my own coffee and breakfast. I also thinking about how grateful that we are not suffering from ’Alien’ during the lockdown yet somehow I just take a good care about myself after corona hit the earth.

Probably because I feel coronavirus as somewhat like ’alien’ stuff. So I consider it a silent killer. I can see Alien if they want to invade our earth but not for coronavirus.




Love, Live and Be grateful | Writing since 2014 | Social media: @feliccine | Ask me to write 🖊: Hello@feliccine.co

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Love, Live and Be grateful | Writing since 2014 | Social media: @feliccine | Ask me to write 🖊: Hello@feliccine.co

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