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Upon reading our review and articles, readers should posses a careful consideration given that all of the product and services are based on my own personal experience. What’s good for me may not be good for you. It is advisable not to blame others, in this case myself when the product failed to give what they mentioned in media/advertisement.

What’s bad for me maybe good for you in this case kindly note that I am only reviewing a product/services based on my own personal experience without no further intention but review.

We are accepting payment, sponsorship and affiliate link for…

Based on the life experience of living in Singapore for getting the education to career progression

Hello again! I am finally back writing stuff online. Tip-toeing is my choice either to publish on my Linkedin or Medium but I am back on this platform again. I have been in Singapore for almost 9 years and it has been such a tremendous life experience, so I decided to write it down in this article.

Meeting new people all over the world

It is Singapore, you will get to meet new people as soon as you arrive at Changi airport. People come and go to this airport. …

USE IT or LOSE IT? Check out the review.

The OMG! Red Water Serum is an instant hydration booster for smooth and radiant looking skin. The OMG! RED Water Serum will feed your skin with a burst of hydration; your skin will be quenched from dehydration.

Net : 30g/1oz.

Antioxidant-packed with powerful botanicals, the serum will leave your skin with a healthy looking glow. This serum is infused with 75% pure coconut water which helps to smooth uneven skin texture by minimizing the appearance of pores. Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil will strengthen and brighten uneven skin tone. …

Trying out well-know beauty brand who give solution for dry and eczema skin. My sin condition: Dry, Dehydrated, Acne-prone and sensitive.

Given a thought to try this product out since my skin is dry only to found that the cream rich with creamy texture and good for dry skin. My testing took over a bottle that last for 3 month (Applying for morning and evening.

The product could fight the radical dry skin problem instantly. If you feel that your skin is too dry and the tone is changing into dark shade. You may really want to take counter measure step by using product originally made for this problem

What’s the blub?

SOOTHING REPAIR MOISTURIZER: Tested on allergy-prone skin, this comforting cream helps restore…

Testing out the worthiness of SPF spray

Hey skincare junkies, have you do follow up regarding few skincare brand that misinterpretation to their customers for their SPF products.

If you do not then you need to google it but let me simplified it for you. Some brands mentioned on this particular news set SPF 50 in their products label yet the product itself is not work as SPF 50 after it tested.

In another word, this is misinterpretation by giving false information about their product to make their customer belief it and then to engage in purchasing behavior. Worst right?!

Hello fairies🧚, this week I am doing the cutest and most adorable Nezuko Kamado makeup transformation, you can check out on my Instagram post:

If you are manga or anime lover, this anime is worth your time. I love it so so much. I always love demon anime. Also, I watch this anime on iQiyi, its free. The first season is available till episode 26, and the newest season will be available on June 2021, the production company promised us, but sometimes there may be a delayed in the process, yet I hope it will be early June.

The plot…

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