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Have you suffer from major breakout when your skin is actually dry?

If you answer yes, then you should check out CERAVE Foaming cleanser (on the picture). Let me tell you about my experience. I suffered from major dryness and breakout. My skin condition is dry, dehydrated, sensitive and prone to acne. Using wrong skincare products or less hydrating/moisturizing could lead to major breakout followed by redness and dryness. It is my skin reacting to changes in condition. If that’s happened, it is impossible for me to hide it with makeup because it trigger redness even worst.

Some other problem is the pores. I could swear that I see my pores wide…

Hello love, thanks for waiting. This Friday I am doing a makeup tutorial for Korean look. You do know who is Hyunah, right?

She is 4 minutes member and she is now doing solo album. One of the greatest hit is I am not cool. She has so many different style.

Then I decided to just pick one of her makeup style when she wear the hair accecories with black bob hair but since I am on budget so I just wear hair chain and my new sabrina top 🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, just to let you know that korean makeup look…

Losing my jobs during pandemic and spending my time scrolling through social media. Here what social media actually tell me?!

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

Never would have I ever think about losing my jobs AT ALL COST. I always jump from one job to another job, I even do freelance jobs lkike 2–3 of it just to make myself busy. To be honest, it is so rare for me to go out on a date because I better off doing something to earn money. That’s what I thought before the pandemic hit the world.

I never even think about scrolling through social media for 1 hours. I can;t foresee myself seeing that longsquare screen far too long or even see someone doing TikTok dance…

What you need:

  1. Eyeshadow color
  2. Mini spatula/ tweezer
  3. Metal ear pick

How to do:

  1. Choose the color of eyeshadow that you prefer. if you want to darken/lighter your liquid lipstick and vice versa. Choose wisely, and select the undertone in which you like most.
  2. Crush the eyeshadow. You can use a metal mini spatula or any tweezers to crush it.
  3. Use a metal ear picks (from Daiso or dollar store) to scoop the crushed eyeshadow powder and pour it into the liquid lips. It will be messy, so cover your table with tissue paper or something.
  4. Screw on the cap, and shake it well. After you see the color mixed evenly, try it on to see if it’s to your liking. otherwise, repeat step 3.


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Hey makeup junkies, this makeup dedicated to all of you who dislike a fuss of changing your makeup when you have to go out from 2:00 pm till night time like 1:00 am in the morning on Saturday night.

This makeup looks happened to cross in y mind because I always head out earliest on 2:00 om till 11:00 pm at night but if there is discount or sale till midnight then I stay late, and go back home 1:00 am in the morning. …

Recently in love with WakeMake, the popular Korean beauty brand that’s available to purchase at Guardian Singapore. Total of 5 shade:

Click on my Instagram below to view the shade, and pick your favorite!

Hey love! Today I wanted to share a skincare product to solve flaky skin problem. As you already know that I travel back to Indonesia and made a visit to Jakarta before back to hometown. The lockdown doesn’t serve me well, I am unable to go shopping because mall are close. I have less knowledge about official online shop that sell overseas products.

I use HadaLabo or DHC cleanser, and thankfully I bring another bottle with me but that’s doesn’t solve the following month when I finished the bottle. Then back to hometown, I immediately visited nearby store and found…

I have been so in love with Chinese makeup look so I spend some time doing some research and keeping up with their beauty brands. They have






Y of brands.

One of the brands that always appears on social media is PERFECT DIARY. Coincidentally, I need to buy a new palette to create a makeup look again for you guys!


I went to Shopee Indonesia app to see if the brand is available to purchase. The Shopee Indonesia sell a lot of china…

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

I gotta admit it is hard to change lifestyle and habit. We once never wear face mask and lways do physical interaction as a sign we adore and love the person but now, we can only wave our hands and smile like a stranger. It may perhaps be forever like this.

And for me, staying at one country is not a choice at all when I always travel between 2–3 countries every months. I have often think about

“If I cannot travel, what will I do?”

I do want to feel the ambience of sitting at my favorite coffee shop…


Asian Baby Girl Makeup creator/Cosplay. Instagram/TikTok: FELICCINE. Email:

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