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Many people around me always show that the virus is a fake news or governement want to steal our identity this and that. I do feel that they are really stupid to not think using their brain about what matter the most during this pandemic — World emergency situation.

Governement doesn’t steal your identity, in fact they have it. They are the one who make your ID Card, and passport — youy are the one who signed up to everything using those 2 identity proof given by your goverment.

Then another things is from religious point of view who think that people who get coronavirus is the one with a sin. Then according to some religion, we are born with a sin so, we all should have get this virus. WTF! it is same like this people cursing us to have this deadly — silent killer virus. …

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It’s almost a year since coronavirus enter our world and we develop antibodies as it attack our human race but this virus is sly and evil. As we change overtime so did they. The symptoms also varies from person to person, some even said that it depends on your blood type. So I gather some information around our community for this new COVID-19.


The symptoms is varied depending on your antibody. Some people has flu over a week or has no symptoms at all. Some even said that it depends on your blood type to have the symptoms. …

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For us who want to feel self-acceptance, we try tohelp lots of people, to make us believe that we are a good person. We develop a good background. I am talking about my dad. He like to feel that this isthe right things to do, he wanted to feel like he can helop all of his family when actually they are the one who curse him at his back and blame him when the ‘help’ doesn’t turned the way they expected.

Not all people want to be “help” — not all people will feel that

“Oh you are so smart or…

Wait.. wait.. just because you think I am attractive you thought I dated with handsome guys. NOPE. There is lots of pretty, hot chick in this world but handsome guys are so rare because they think that as long as they rich, bald and big belly — girls will want them.

Well, it is truth. Those rich, bald and big belly guys always get the hot chick while others guys who is skinny and less masculine will be thrown away in the dust. That’s how cruel our society is but in my generation guys are totally HOT, muscles-tone up and earning 6 six figures. …

Of course, it’s matter!

Like anyone else, I am too a modern woman who perhaps never think that cooking is a problem.

While I certainly see many girls around me who wobble about cooking but dress so nicely and get lots of guys to likes her because how ‘pretty’ she can be. Yet mama doesn’t like her much, so they break up.

That’s why cooking matter. Imagine! if you are that pretty girl and you can cook. First time meeting his parent, you bring your own cookies yourself.

Also, if he keep bragging about your cooking. You lock his heart already. In this era there are less girls who can cook than one can cook and that’s like having a mystery key that unlock all the possibilities. …

I have always fond of thriller movies, the monster, the killer, the mystery, the chase and all those supernatural stuff.

Since I dated with my ex and he love watch the horror/thriller movies so that I will scared and asked him for a hug.

At first I was just stunned. After the movies, I feel light on my head. The monster still in my mind but I manage to fall asleep.

Then comes for 2nd, 3rd and all the movies date which he failed to make me feel scared and meek. He continued to invite me with romantic movies and I fall asleep half way. …

You probably have no idea when you encounter toxic people, so am I. I have no ideas that my own family is toxic till I forget it out myself.

I am flying back to my country, catching the last flight since it’s COVID-19 situation and most country decided to close their airport.

So me and my brother stuck in the city while we actually planning to go to our hometown. We stuck in Jakarta and later then we decided to stay in Tangerang since we have aunty and her family make living in Jakarta.

My aunty is the little sister of my dad, she always seems positive and regularly nurture us with all of her experience. …

Signs you fall in love with passive aggressive guys

Like a love bird that’s what you feel when you first meet each other. You attracted to her and she like you so much. Sending text every morning and night.

Till one day either one of you speak so harshly to each other. He give you cold shoulder or she say she doesn’t have time for you both to meet. She cancel plan and suddenly fuss about how needy you are.

The circle is going around and around till both of you does not feel anything. There go saying that:

When you say sorry and she forgives you that’s the moment when you love her more and she love you less

It’s actually true. Love doesn’t happened often. It’s so rare that we mistaken love and need altogether.

Unlike the most writer, I am here warning you the drawback of doing social media withdrawal.

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I have more than 3 accounts in Instagram, 1 for TikTok, 1 for Twitter, 1 for Pinterest, 3 blogs, 2 Snapchat, 1 Linkedin account, 1 Facebook page and 3 Facebook account.

Then you asked me how I keep up with all of them. Well, unfortunately, I don’t even open all of the social media above except when I published my article on my website WWW.FELICCINE.COM.

I am not in any way possible gonna spend my time scrolling through my timeline and peeking other people life then give my personal judgement.

I don’t have time for that. The reason I have that much social media because I am trying to figure out the algorithm and also to promote my website. …

If you like to block or ignore someone text, you need to know what will happened afterward

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This concept is becoming habit to people nowadays. We all love the concept ignoring or blocking people around that we find irrelevant to our life, because it is easier that way. It is the simplest form of action.

Yet, every action is always followed by the consequences, even the simplest one. But, not many of us knew about this, we often think that since it is a simple action therefore it is not gonna ended up in anything.

Blocking one person meaning, you let yourself entirely irrelevant to this person and that’s what you want yet if you have already walk your life with this person, thinking about them everyday, or still have a feeling with them. Then this simple step will be a heavy burden to you because blocking or ignoring someone whom is part of your loved ones will not gonna be easy. …



I write about your crush, ex boyfriend and even your date. My stories, you read it. See you on my realm!

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